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Stimare Thermal Ticket Stock

Here is our recommendation of stock to use with your Stima CLS thermal printer:

The Stima CLS offers options in reader bar placement. It can be read from the top or bottom. The sensors can be slid across the width to see reader bars on either edge. Within the driver, the user can put in the measurement of the reader bar of the stock they are using. In other words, the reader bar can be anywhere on the ticket. Our recommendation is to use the most user-friendly position, which would be referred to as Boca specs. Within the driver settings of the Stima CLS is a setting for “Boca Emulation” which will automatically set it to Boca spec for any length of ticket.

If you are looking for a thermal stock supplier for your Stima CLS thermal printer, it is our recommendation to use one of our Boca Thermal Ticket Stock generics. However, any reader bar location can be used in the Stima, if set up to do so. If you prefer to order custom stock, with your logo or image printed in color, we still suggest using the Boca spec unless it interferes with the ticket back layout. To order custom printed thermal stock for your Stima CLS, please fill out our form to request a quote. Alternately, you can order generic or custom stock on our online store. 
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